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Good oral hygiene means so much more than a pearly white smile; good dental health can help prevent serious health complications throughout the body. Unfortunately, those without adequate dental insurance may worry about paying for their dental procedures. There are several options to get the necessary dental work while staying within a budget.

Dental Community Clinics
Many dentists give back to their communities by donating their services at local community clinics. Volunteer hygienists and staff work with these dentists to provide free or low-cost dental care to those in need in the community. These clinics may only be open at certain times during the month, so regularly check for appointments.

Dental Schools
Hopeful dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists must get hundreds of hours of practice before becoming licensed professionals. This means that dental schools often provide care for the community and allow these students to practice. These schools offer this care under the guidance of dental professionals. These services are usually provided at a much lower rate than other dentists.

Dental Credit Card
There are several dental credit card companies that offer credit cards at no or low interest rates as long as the card is paid off within a certain time period. If the amount isn’t paid off, however, regular interest charges will apply. 

Dental Savings Plans
Dental savings plans are similar to dental insurance in that a monthly premium is paid. The plans negotiate with dental providers to provide services at a reduced rate. This means a lowered overall cost. These plans often cover preexisting conditions and don’t require a waiting period before the plan can be used, offering some benefits over traditional dental insurance plans.

Uninsured Payment Plans
Insurance companies often negotiate with dental providers to provide services at a lower cost. Many dental providers are happy to pass on similar savings to patients who pay in cash without insurance. 

Many dental providers and clinics also offer payment plans for patients who are getting expensive procedures. Ask if you can speak with the billing specialist or billing department and explain your circumstances. They may be able to work out a monthly payment plan that works within your budget. 

Don’t let financial circumstances prevent you from getting the dental care you need. Try one of these options and talk with your dental provider about the best option for you.