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Microbotox is one of the biggest new trends in skin care. It’s one of the oldest in recent memory, too. How is that possible? Well, Microbotox, or Microtox as some call it, repurposes Botox Cosmetic. When it launched in 2002, Botox represented one of the biggest advances in cosmetic medicine. It was an injectable that delivered great, youthful results while being almost totally non-invasive. In short, it was revolutionary.

The new Microbotox craze uses the same product, Botox Cosmetic. What’s changed is the procedure. Instead of injecting Botox into facial muscles to paralyze them and prevent movement, Microbotox is used at a more superficial level of the skin. Injected right under the surface, it’s able to minimize the fine lines seen at the bottom of the face, and into the neck and decolletage. When used this way, Microbotox helps show a smoother, more even-textured skin surface.

This treatment has other uses, too. Microbotox can be used for deeper wrinkles in the neck. These are sometimes described as looking like necklaces. Microbotox can help eliminate their appearance and smooth the skin of the neck out. Finally, Microbotox is also able to improve the appearance of the T-Zone. It can make the pores appear smaller, and make the skin look less red and irritated. This type of treatment can be a great choice for anyone who struggles with scarring from acne.

To improve the look of the T-Zone, Microtox is injected into the sweat and sebaceous glands. Instead of being used to paralyze muscles, in this case the Microtox impedes the production of sweat and oils. This means that the T-Zone looks more uniform and less greasy. The reduction in oil production also affects the way the pores in the skin are perceived. Perhaps most importantly, less oil can mean fewer breakouts.

Patients seem very satisfied with the results from Microbotox treatment. They report results that look realistic and feel great. People have spoken about tighter skin. They feel that their skin looks almost like the flaws have been airbrushed away. The Microbotox gives patients a youthful glow that looks natural. Like standard Botox, Microbotox does not provide permanent results. The treatment has to be repeated every few months for continued good results.