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Starting a new dental practice can be both an exciting and challenging process. From ensuring you have an entire staff to have the proper medical supplies, there are several things to complete for a successful opening. If you are considering opening a dental practice, complete the following steps. 

Create A Business Plan
When opening any business, the first necessary step is creating a detailed business plan. The business plan should include all of the major information, which will consist of financial needs, potential issues or roadblocks, and processes to handle any issues that may arise. This will ensure that you have the resources needed to complete the dental practice. The business plan will act as a guideline for your process. 

Determine Your Location
Once a strong business plan is in place, it will be necessary to find a location. Using your financial part of the business plan as a guide, look for locations you can realistically pay for. The location should not only make sense for your needs but should be within the set budget. Before committing to a location, also ensure that it is equipped to handle the amount of equipment that is required for a medical practice. 

Compile A List Of Necessary Equipment
After you find a location, the next step will be compiling a complete list of the necessary supplies and equipment. Dental practices, like most other medical practices, will require a large amount of equipment, and it is important to have a full list before moving forward. This will help determine the budget and overall equipment list process. 

Create A Detailed Financial Needs Report
While a business plan will have a built-in budget, creating a more detailed report for your financial needs is still crucial. This will be easier to start once the equipment list is ready, as that will be a significant portion of your report. Additionally, this can ensure that you have the necessary finances or can secure financial loans if they are needed. 

Determine The Positions That Need To Be Filled
After the financial plan has been finalized, it will be helpful to create a list of the positions that need to be filled. This will give you adequate time to begin interviewing for the various positions and fill the most critical positions first.