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Running a medical practice requires discipline and dedication from its staff members in order to function effectively. This is especially true with running a dental practice, making it important to understand how to build a successful team. Dental practices should ensure that they have the following positions to help keep the office running smoothly.

Office Manager
Having an office manager can help ensure that the dental practice is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. As part of their role, office managers are responsible for a number of responsibilities, including overseeing the employees, hiring and training new employees, and overseeing the office’s general operations.

Billing Specialist
Dental practices should have a billing specialist on staff, as they have several important roles. The billing specialist is responsible for managing patient’s bills and follows up with patients to ensure that any overdue bills are taken care of. They are also responsible for submitting insurance claims and working with insurance companies for the patients. This is a crucial role in a dental practice, as they ensure that bills are being paid in a timely manner. Billing specialists are very organized and have strong attention to detail. 

Treatment Coordinator
If a patient requires additional treatment on their teeth, it will be important to create a course of action that makes sense and is one that the patient is comfortable with. This is what makes a treatment coordinator so important within a dental practice. They create treatment plans for patients and help guide them through the insurance process along the way. They ensure that patients get the treatment they need while also providing their guidance. 

Back Office Staff
Another crucial part of a dental practice is the back-off staff. They are responsible for handling the office’s clinical side, which could include ordering labs, providing assistance to the dentist, completing routine cleanings, and more. Their ongoing assistance ensures that the office runs smoothly and that appointments run on schedule each day.