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In recent decades, technology’s evolution has had significant impacts on nearly every industry, including within the medical field. Technology has helped make surgeries more efficient, and it has also helped improve safety measures for patients. These shifts are especially true within the plastic surgery arena. 

As part of their commitment to helping patients, plastic surgeons have focused on making more use of microsurgery. This approach has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it reduces the stress that the body goes through during surgery. Additionally, doctors can not only reduce the size of the incision, but it also has the potential to reduce the recovery time.

Computer-Assisted Imaging
For a number of plastic surgeries, patients will work together to ensure that they get the most out of their procedure. To help achieve this, surgeons will work with the patient to create images of the end result. This approach is beneficial for patients getting surgeries that alter their physical appearance and can reduce the risk of complications following the procedure. 

Increased Safety
Another major benefit of utilizing technology in plastic surgery is the increased safety that it provides. In addition to using technology to create computer-based imaging, it can also help doctors become more accurate when performing various procedures. Additionally, microsurgery has helped reduce the size of the incisions that need to be made, reducing the risk of complications following the procedure. These steps have been instrumental in helping to improve safety measures for surgeries. 

Less Invasive Options
One of the largest benefits of technology on plastic surgery is its focus on less invasive surgical options. From chemical peels to botox options, non-invasive options have become much more common among plastic surgeons. These procedures are not only safer to complete, but do not require as long of a recovery. 

With the advances in things like microsurgery, doctors are able to perform surgery with smaller incisions than ever before. This can reduce the scarring from the incision and help decrease the overall recovery time.