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Dentistry continues to be a crucial part of today’s healthcare system and will only continue to grow in its significance. To help meet its demand, future generations should consider becoming a dentist. For those interested in becoming a dentist, there are many excellent programs available across the United States that can help them achieve their goals of becoming a dentist. 

New York University
Located in New York City, New York University (NYU) has become known for many incredible accomplishments, which include building a strong dentistry program. With nearly 400 graduates per year, a dentistry program is a great option for students looking to pursue a career in dentistry. In addition to receiving an elite education in biomedical, behavioral, and clinical sciences, students will have the opportunity to work in clinical practice settings during their time in the program. The dental program at New York University continues to be known as the largest dental program throughout the United States and provides a strong foundation for its students. 

University of Alabama
Known as one of the best dental programs in the United States, the University of Alabama helps prepare its students for the demands of working within dentistry. Alabama not only offers eight different dental programs to choose from, but it also works with surrounding healthcare practices to help provide real-world experience for its students. The University of Alabama is a great program to consider for students looking to explore dentistry’s different areas. 

University of California, Los Angeles
Known as UCLA, the University of California, Los Angeles is another fantastic program for dentistry. In addition to graduating approximately 100 students each year, the university also provides undergraduate studies that can help prepare them for the demands of a graduate dentistry program. Additionally, students will be introduced to direct patient care in just the second year, providing them with the crucial experience needed to be successful.

While there are a number of great dental programs available, the universities listed above are considered to be some of the best available when it comes to dental programs.