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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, countless industries and businesses have been significantly impacted by its effects. It has forced many of these businesses to find innovative ways to not only protect customers but to maintain consistent business while social distancing restrictions are in place. One industry that has been significantly impacted by the pandemic is dentistry. If you are a dentist that is looking for ways to help stay connected with your patients amid the pandemic, consider implementing the following steps. 

Stay Active On Your Website & Social Media
One action step that can significantly help to connect with your patients is to stay active on your website and any social media properties. When updating your website, take the time to ensure that all of your information, including your hours of operation, are up-to-date. Additionally, it is important to add information about the precautions that are being taken to protect both patients and employees alike on your website and social media properties. Listing your safety protocol can help both new and existing patients feel more comfortable making an appointment in the office. If your office needs to close temporarily for any reason, it should also be announced on your properties as well.

Add A Live Chat Option To Your Website
One great way to help connect with patients is by adding a live chat option to your website. This allows patients to chat with your office in real-time and provides them with a way to ask questions. Making your practice available for patient questions online can be highly beneficial with your customer service efforts. Additionally, your office can provide feedback on individual patient situations that could be considered more urgent. 

Send E-newsletters To Keep Patients In The Loop
If you are looking for ways to keep patients in the loop about your practice, an e-newsletter could be a great option. An e-newsletter is a simple, efficient way for a dentist to keep patients up-to-date on anything related to their practice. It is also a great way to share important information about dental hygiene, as well as provide tips on taking care of your teeth. This also provides an opportunity to remind patients of the safety protocol in place to help them feel more comfortable. 

Phone Calls To Patients Due For Cleaning
A simple, effective way to help stay connected is by calling your patients to remind them that they are due for their next cleaning. During these phone calls, it is especially important to outline the safety precautions in place during COVID-19, as this can help patients be more willing to come into the office.