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Cosmetic surgery was once something people kept secret. The procedures were often expensive and not available to everyone. Doctors often worked only on those who needed cosmetic reconstruction or for the wealthy and famous who could afford the costly elective procedures.

Medical advances made surgeries safer, more effective, and more attainable. With so many procedures performed every year, it can seem risk-free. Public health campaigns now exist to help the public understand possible complications.

Understanding the Risks

All surgeries have risks, but some cosmetic procedures put the patient in more danger than they may expect. The Brazilian butt lift, for example, has a reputation as the riskiest procedure. Experts averaged the death rate at approximately 1 in every 3,000 surgeries. Many surgeons have elected to change how they perform the surgery to make it safer. Patients need to ensure their surgeon uses the safest method.

Choosing Qualified Surgeons 

Experts recommend people thoroughly review any surgeon they plan to use. All surgeons should have professional certification and a detailed website listing their backgrounds and credentials. Prospective patients need to discuss more at their consultation than how they want to look. The surgeon should openly discuss their experience with specific procedures and the risks and limitations of each surgery.

Protecting Your Health 

Patients can also reduce the potential risk by ensuring they meet the requirements of the surgery. Follow the orders of the doctor before and after treatment. Honesty regarding health concerns, medications or recreational drugs taken, and more can reduce potential risks.

People should also avoid “doctor shopping” if told they are not healthy enough for a procedure. The process involves seeking a doctor who will agree to perform surgery after other doctors ruled it unsafe for the patient. Another dangerous tactic includes going overseas to have cosmetic work performed. Many people choose this option because of the low cost of care. The surgeries cost less because of a lack of government oversight, safety standards, and sanitary measures.

Cosmetic surgeons continue to offer safer and more effective treatment. Most patients receive excellent care and exceptional results. Risks still exist, but every patient can make their experience much safer with a little extra research.