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Opening a dental practice is a challenge no matter where it’s opened. The main concern is being able to attract new patients and earn enough profits to make it past the first and most difficult year. Promoting a dental practice in the community is an ongoing effort that starts by following these steps.

Reach Out to Kids and Teens

Kids and teens are the most frequent clients for dentists. Kids are beginning to learn about dental hygiene and have the highest rates of cavities than any other age group. Young to middle-aged adults tend to already have their fillings, and many decline to visit the dentist for annual cleanings.

Dentists should reach out mostly to kids and teenagers on social media and through nearby schools. They can provide kids’ discounts along with free product samples to families and their children.

Host Blogs, Podcasts or Webinars

Dentists can reach out to people in their community and educate them about common myths associated with dentistry. Most people believe at least one dental myth that may involve root canals, brushing or sugar and bacteria. Other people are clueless about certain issues like the safety of fluoride in toothpaste or if electronic toothbrushes are more effective than regular brushes.

All of this information can be discussed in detail on a dental blog, podcast or webinar. Dentists should use this platform to promote their own services by posting a link to their website or the address to their business. A dentist who appears to be more knowledgeable about common dental topics is more likely to be trusted in the community.

Provide Discounts and/or Rewards Programs

Businesspeople can provide a wide range of sales, discounts, coupons or free samples to new and longtime customers. The discounts often target people who need dental services the most, such as young children and seniors.

Loyalty programs target the most loyal clients who are encouraged to refer their family members or friends to the dental practice in return for incentives. Their rewards are usually discounts on dental procedures but can be any incentive that the dentist thinks is appropriate.

No matter how much technology has advanced dentistry in the past 30 years, people still need to visit their dentists. Marketing a dental practice in any area is never easy to do in any decade. Every dental entrepreneur needs a solid plan to find and retain customers.