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A dental practice is incomplete without all the necessary equipment in place. Read on to get an idea about what kind of basic equipment you would require to set up your dental practice. Let us start with the basics:



Dental implants include root form and plate form implants, while dental prosthetics are crowns, bridges, veneers, and more. Other consumables that are required on a mandatory basis in a dental setup include files, obturators, and permanent sealers, dental sutures, dental hemostats, dental sealants, dental burs, latex gloves, patient bibs, bonding agents, aspirators and saliva ejectors


Dental Instruments and Delivery Systems

The dental mirror is used as an examination tool to explore the oral cavity of a patient. Probes are used to determine the level of plaque. A dentist uses dental forceps for a wide variety of actions like suturing, moving small objects in and out of the oral cavity. Dental pliers help cut through wires, plaster, bend hooks, and come with a variety of tips.

Rotary instruments like turbines, micromotors, and handpieces are part of a dedicated delivery system. Turbines function at high speed, low torque, and are responsible for removing hard tissues like enamel and prosthesis material. Micromotors come with two kinds of handpieces for removing semi-hard tissues.

The delivery system not only is a hub of air and electrically operated instruments but also gives easy accessibility to the above-mentioned instruments in addition to air syringes, water syringes, and vacuum. Delivery systems have control panels and come as chair-mounted, base-mounted, or portable. 


Dental Machinery

Autoclaves and radiography systems are probably two very important pieces of machinery found in any dental setup. Autoclaves sterilize all dental equipment at a temperature of more than 100ºC. Dental washers and dryers dry all equipment effectively and prevent corrosion.

Radiographic imagery is a crucial part of diagnosis and determining the kind of treatment. Digital imaging saves a lot of time and is safer than traditional imaging techniques. A typical digital imaging system would have intraoral X-ray sensors, phosphor plate X-ray systems, digital panoramic X-ray imaging, and digital imaging software. 


Dental Furniture

Curing lamps use ultraviolet light to cure dental materials like adhesives and composites. Cabinet lamps are either wall-mounted or floor-mounted and come with an articulated arm and head. The lamp consists of either halogen rays or LED light reflected to provide high visual identity. Dental chairs come attached to the delivery system. Don’t forget dental stools, which are important for keeping the dentist comfortable.