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In a previous article, we covered the first set of steps you need to complete to start your own plastic surgery practice. They included creating a business plan, finding funding, and selecting your equipment. Your journey, however, extends beyond those initial steps. 


Hire Your Staff

You can’t run an entire plastic surgery by yourself, so you’ll have to hire other individuals to help. Your goal should be to hire talented staff that are dedicated to helping you succeed. They should demonstrate the ability to go above and beyond everyday tasks. Avoid people who need constant direction and don’t display proper initiative. These individuals will only hold you and your practice back. 

Attracting the best and the brightest to your practice, however, is far from easy. Strong candidates need to be compensated accordingly, both in salary and in opportunities for growth. The more people who feel content in their work and personally invested in your practice, the more you will see it flourish. Patients can tell when the employees of a practice are happy and successful. 


Create Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing requires time and money, neither of which you can afford to squander. To create a successful marketing strategy, you’ll have to spend time researching your geographic location and anticipated client base. Where can you place an ad that will attract the attention of potential patients? This could range from a billboard to an ad in a local paper or magazine. 

Social media marketing is another option. There’s an incredible variety of profiles out there, so you need to decide which ones are most utilized by the people you’re targeting. For example, some platforms are geared towards sharing images and videos, while others are for featuring written content. You should provide frequent updates and keep your brand messaging consistent. Otherwise, your efforts will be wasted. 

Keep in mind that often the most successful marketing plan combines both traditional and internet marketing. 


Be Patient with Yourself and Your Practice 

After you’ve attracted and hopefully retained good staff and patients, continue to be patient. Your practice won’t take off overnight. Take care of yourself and avoid getting frustrated. Keep strict boundaries between your work and your personal life to avoid becoming burnt out. Good things take time, and your practice is no exception!