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Hiring a competent, courteous staff is one of the most important steps to building a successful plastic surgery practice. Your staff will be the people with whom your patients primarily interact, so it’s essential to hire people who accurately represent your business, are friendly, and have a positive attitude. 

There are several different methods to consider when hiring, but the key factors to look for in an applicant are personality and competency. Personality is a less malleable factor than competency; staff can always be trained if you find that their skills are insufficient for their position, but it’s a much greater task to get someone to change the way they interact with others. Always be open to people who may be ideal for your practice in your interactions with other industry professionals, and even in your daily interactions with those working outside the field. It’s possible that they may make good candidates for your front office since they are practiced at interacting with customers. The internet is also a valuable resource for locating candidates; many sites allow you to filter the kind of people you’re looking to hire by skillset or let you reach out to promising applicants personally.

Once you select a group of applicants, the next step is to construct a comprehensive interview that will help you select the people who best fit your practice. Make sure to include questions about their level of experience in the field, as well as how they would perform in specific situations so that you can gauge their expertise in problem-solving, conflict management, and how they interact with their coworkers. Ensuring that your hires will help you in creating a harmonious work environment is important; remember to keep in mind the ideal business you would like to build and think about how each person fits into that workplace. When your interview is completed, be sure to follow up with their references and conduct a background check.

Your employees are your greatest resources, and the right ones can help you to innovate and excel in your field; be open to hiring people with many different backgrounds who can bring different perspectives and experiences to your company. Above all, remember that the most important part of the plastic surgery business is to take care of your clients; anyone you consider hiring should understand this, and share your desire to provide the highest level of care to anyone who walks through your doors.