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When thinking about marketing practices, the first thing that comes to mind probably is not the front desk staff. However, the front desk staff has a huge role in marketing at a plastic surgery office. The front desk staff will be the people who make the first impression on the client. It is imperative that front desk staff are trained on how to interact with clients to promote success for the business.


Find out What Level You’re At

The best way to see the experience that is being offered at the office is to utilize a “secret shopper” approach. In this method, the business hires another company to act as a patient and they document their experiences. If this isn’t an option, you could have a family member or friend pose as the secret shopper.

In order for this to be effective, expectations should be outlined in the form of a checklist so the secret shopper can easily document the experience. After the experience, use this data to establish a baseline. Gather the staff to discuss the findings together. This will be a great opportunity for an open conversation.


Provide Training

Now that areas of weakness have been identified, it is critical that the business do something to fix the problems. This training can take place with fake “clients” so that the skills are actually practiced. Provide the staff with guidelines and suggested phrases and explain their effectiveness.

Don’t forget to train for office visits too. This can involve role-playing to ensure that the team is all on the same page. It is critical that the clients have a good experience whether they are talking to the staff on the phone or in person.


Provide Incentives

It is a lot easier to be nice to a difficult client when there is potential that you’ll get something out of it! A lot of plastic surgery practices have succeeded in giving incentives to the front desk staff to encourage them to sell the services. This is a great way to celebrate the success and dedication of the front desk team. Incentivisation can be used to set an office-wide goal to promote working as a team. Feel free to include products in the incentive program as well.