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Generally, plastic surgery is performed for the improvement of one’s appearance. This is also seen as the procedure’s primary benefit. However, the improvement of appearance is only one of the several possible benefits that plastic surgery can offer. Anyone who has considered a procedure of plastic surgery should consider the advantages the decision can provide.


Physical Health Improvement

Plastic surgery procedures exist that improve physical health in addition to helping out one’s appearance. Rhinoplasty, or nose shaping, for example, can improve breathing while improving the nose’s aesthetics. Surgery for breast reduction can improve the contours of the body, but it also has the potential for relieving physical discomforts such as back and neck pain and the skin irritation disproportionately large breasts can cause.


Increased Self-Confidence

For most people, an improvement to the appearance naturally brings about an increase in self-confidence. This can mean a greater openness to trying new things and opening up in different social situations. Discomfort with the appearance can also cause people to avoid particular types of clothing or participation in activities. With surgery, these attitudes and behaviors can change.

Enhanced Mental Health

Mental health can be improved as well as physical and emotional health when one gets a plastic surgery procedure. Social anxiety may be reduced with the increase in self-confidence. One might feel greater power over one’s life, grow willing to tackle new challenges, or seize control of one’s life in an entirely new way. Depression due to one’s appearance can also be reduced by improving any lacks or excesses.


Persistence in Lost Weight

Patients seeking such body contouring procedures as tummy tucks and liposuctions may find keeping the weight down much easier after the surgery. The procedure’s positive results can inspire a patient to maintain a motivated lifestyle with a healthier diet and regular exercise regimen to keep weight in check. In addition, a healthy weight can lead to a body in better health at reduced risk for several disease types.


Increased Opportunities

Studies have shown that more attractive people may enjoy greater personal and professional opportunities. One study that followed real estate agents found that attractive agents were capable of selling properties at higher prices than agents who were not seen as attractive.