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Whether you’re just finishing up your residency or working in a large facility with several other plastic surgeons, opening your practice is an exciting opportunity. You may feel overwhelmed with where to begin and steps to ensure your long-term success. Here are five tips for opening your own plastic surgery practice.


Define Your Vision

You may have thought about the aesthetics and layout of your plastic surgery practice, but this is not always enough to move forward. Take some time to write down every detail, from office operations to patient relationships and staffing. Outline each area of your practice from a business perspective, and include timelines for each step. Give yourself plenty of time from one phase to the next. Also, consider that you may need to work at another practice while yours is constructed and set up for your first patients. Develop a mission statement for your practice that will make it stand out from your competition. Consider specific treatments and procedures that you will offer, as well as your target market.


Find the Ideal Staff

Even if you have plans for a large plastic surgery practice in the future, you want to start small when it comes to staffing. Now is the time for you to find people who match your approach and vision. Take your time to get to the credentials and personalities of each candidate. The staff you hire now is laying the foundation for your plastic surgery practice, from the reception and appointment setting to surgical treatments and aftercare. Even the smallest mistake in staffing can have long-term and adverse effects on your practice and future place in the market.


Learn About Marketing

As the aesthetics industry continues to grow in the coming years, you will face a great deal of competition, not just from other plastic surgeons, but also other types of clinicians that offer cosmetic treatments. Marketing is crucial for launching a successful plastic surgery practice. You will need to understand the best venues for attracting your ideal patient, from social media to online advertising, billboards, and local magazines. Websites are a necessity in today’s technology-driven marketplace, and this requires a great deal of research into how to rank in search engines and represent your practice in a way that appeals to the right people.


Plastic Surgery Practice Software

Software has advanced to meet the growing demands of medical practices to include electronic medical records, scheduling, and more. Research each option carefully with an eye towards your current and future demands. The best packages are all-inclusive without being cumbersome and difficult to integrate into the daily operations of your practice.